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In this section, we will regularly bring you up to date on topics related to IT, Telecom and Media.

  Fiber To The Home!!

An Overview.pdf

The genie is out of the bottle and almost everyone is of the opinion that ADSL and cable are only “temporary” solutions, and that real broadband (through fibre or wireless) is only a matter of time. A presentation (3.6 mb) is attached that will offer an impression of the development of FTTH. The study is quite broad, providing a sense of the business models, markets, products and services, technology and case studies.

  Understanding Shareholder Value


Attached is a presentation from 2000, when the bursting of the “bubble” was already becoming apparent: untested business models, irresponsible hyper-investments in licenses, IT investments that didn’t lead to returns on investment, and clients that were refusing to join in the madness of new technologies and services. The presentation points out once again the significant elements relevant to understand the creation of shareholder value.

  Flexible IT


The IT sector will shrink considerably in the next few years! Therefore, it is even more important to point out the following elements: Don’t expect a new technological wave for 2005, the current market is more or less saturated; price pressure through over-capacity and competition from so-called “offshore” companies; ongoing concentration and limited IT budgets. Nevertheless, the IT market will grow on average 3 to 5 percent. The “Flexible IT” presentation provides a number of ideas on how to make IT investments in the current market despite the slowdown.

  Digital Content Management

DigitalContent Management.pdf

In the Media and Entertainment sector, people realise how important it is to protect content and associated rights. It is a core activity and powerfully summed up in the phrase “Content is Key”. Due to new distribution channels and convergence of existing technologies, it is important that access to and re-use of content is made more efficient, only... it is a complex chain that needs to be set up well with written agreements. In the attached presentation, you will see all facets of content management.

  Telecom and Media Trends in een turbulente markt


It has already been turbulent and heavy weather in the telecom market for the past 3 years: little investment, the delay of UMTS, weak balance sheets because of big debts. Everything is focused on freeing up as much cash as possible through disinvestments and milking the existing infrastructure. The cash position will determine the ability to make (small) investments in the future. The Media market is suffering under decreasing advertising income and still hasn’t found a good answer to the Internet phenomenon. In both areas, focus is only on short-term profits.

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